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Kevin Systrom

Co-founder & CEO, Instagram

Seizing the "Aha" Moment

Kevin Systrom is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation. By developing a product that delivers on what people want in a unique way, Instagram changed how hundreds of millions of people take and share photos. In this class, you'll learn the importance of reading between the lines to build a business based on what people want.

Millard Drexler & Neil Blumenthal

CEO, J-Crew & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Sweating the Details

Millard Drexler and Neil Blumenthal are two minds behind some of today's most infectious brands. In this class, you'll learn about their career paths and how their passion, attention to detail, and customer at the core mindset have made their brands successful. 

Rebecca Minkoff

Founder, Rebecca Minkoff

Being Your Brand

For over ten years Rebecca Minkoff has been at the forefront of fashion, accessories, and retail. In this class, Rebecca discusses launching her company and how she built and leveraged her personal brand to grow her business. You’ll gain insight into how your personal brand can play a role in achieving your goals.

David Chang

Founder & Chef, Momofuku

Forging Your Own Path

David Chang is hailed as a culinary treasure, known for his bad-boy attitude and penchant for inventive recipes. In this class, David reflects on his early years and how he stepped off the beaten path to pursue his passion for cooking. Get ready to be inspired to take risks and not let what others think get in the way.

Bobbi Brown

Makeup Artist & CCO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Trusting Your Gut

Makeup artist turned business mogul, Bobbi Brown, built a billion-dollar empire by following her gut and staying true to her love of natural beauty. In this class, you'll learn how being your authentic self (and being nice) can help you grow your network and your business.

Tom Colicchio

Chef & Owner, Crafted Hospitality

Staying Relevant

Few have built a food empire with the magnitude or scope of Tom Colicchio. From restauranteur to head judge of Bravo's Top Chef, Tom shares his journey and the key to staying relevant in the ever-evolving food industry. You'll learn the importance of having a distinct point of view in a world where trends spread faster than ever.